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Mass Tree Sit

We are a coalition of grassroots activists and community protection groups around the world that have come together to promote a very important event. On the last Saturday in April or on Earth Day groups spread all over the world plan to act in solidarity to educate the public regarding the valiant protection efforts of activists defending old growth forests, as well as activists defending rural communities from the sprawling developments that are growing out of the cities. We are calling this action The Mass Tree Sit which will be held every year on World Tree Climb Day which is the last Saturday of April.

This event

is meant to be more for education and celebration than protest. We envision families, friends, and community groups coming together to share the fun of speaking out. Currently there are nearly three-dozen active treesits that are protecting native forests and old growth trees around the world and we want to show our support to these brave tree sitters. So we will be sitting in trees and beneath trees in visible public places flying banners in their honor.

Our actions

will make clear that our forests and the public trust resources they provide for us, like air, water, and wildlife are being decimated. The world's forests are primarily being used for paper and construction rather than moderating erosion, stabilizing the climate and protecting biodiversity. In the US alone there has been an incredible decades-long explosion in suburban sprawl that is invading rural communities and outlying cities. With every new home built, we are unraveling our web of life and wiping out very special native landscapes here and abroad.

We want to inspire

action by citizen's and government representatives to ensure that forests and open spaces are protected. We want to ensure everyone recognizes the priceless public trust value of leaving our earth's biologic integrity intact. We want to see a ban on the cutting of all species of Old Growth trees. We want to end clear cutting, as well as the use of herbicides in our watersheds. We need to develop alternative building materials and restrict the expansion of urban development. Instead of more houses we want urban renewal and rural open space protections.

To Save Trees

Please contact us about this event and know that you will be joining other like-minded groups and individuals from all around the world. Please pass this on with your endorsement and join our group to share how you can participate in solidarity.

Thank You,

Deane T Rimerman, Cascadia Defense Network, Olympia, WA Kirk Murphy M D, Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles Traci "Bear" Thiele, Redway Forest Defense, Garberville CA, John Griffith, Writers for Redwoods and Watersheds, Humboldt County, CA. To join our growing new egroup just send a blank email to:

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